We Have Now Moved

As of the 20th of February The Tropical Zoo is now closed at Syon Park. Some of the smaller animals have moved along with the staff here at The Hounslow Urban Farm.

The larger animals such as our Lemurs, Monkeys, crocodiles, sloth, bats, kinkajou have all been relocated to great accomodation in zoo's around the country. 

 All of our animals were savefly rehomed, including all the fish! :-) Most will return home to us when the new zoo is built.  We are hoping by Summer 2013 at The Hounslow Urban Farm.

Over the past 21 years we have been able to convey our passion for the natural world and the animals within it to the thousands of school children we have met and the public alike. 

Our passion remains and is growing stronger by the day.
The continuing support we recieve from our many guests is immeasurable. This along side our great desire to protect and conserve our beloved creatures means the future of the Tropical Zoo is a bright one.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of you whom in which have come and met the beloved creatures that have called the Tropical Zoo home.

Please visit our new site http://hounslowurbanfarm.co.uk

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